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200.00 149.00

צמיד מעור איכותי 2019 לגברים - brown-steel - 21cm Brown Steel21cm 200.00 149.00
צמיד מעור איכותי 2019 לגברים - brown-black - 21cm Brown Black21cm 200.00 149.00
צמיד מעור איכותי 2019 לגברים - black-black - 25cm Black Black 200.00 149.00
צמיד מעור איכותי 2019 לגברים - brown-black - 19-cm Brown Black19 cm 200.00 149.00
צמיד מעור איכותי 2019 לגברים - brown-gold - 21cm Brown Gold21cm 200.00 149.00
צמיד מעור איכותי 2019 לגברים - black-black - 19-cm Black Black19 cm 200.00 149.00

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Table of ring size Click here!

Size (US)Inner diameter (mm)Finger circumference (mm)
414.8 מ”מ46.7 מ”מ
4 1/215.2 מ”מ48 מ”מ
515.7 מ”מ49.3 מ”מ
5 1/216.1 מ”מ50.6 מ”מ
616.5 מ”מ51.8 מ”מ
6 1/216.9 מ”מ53.1 מ”מ
717.3 מ”מ54.4 מ”מ
7 1/217.7 מ”מ55.7 מ”מ
818.1 מ”מ56.9 מ”מ
8 1/218.5 מ”מ58.2 מ”מ
918.9 מ”מ59.5 מ”מ
9 1/219.4 מ”מ60.8 מ”מ
1019.8 מ”מ62.1 מ”מ
10 1/220.2 מ”מ63.3 מ”מ
1120.6 מ”מ64.6 מ”מ
1221.4 מ”מ67.2 מ”מ

Selecting the appropriate bracelet size

How to measure the wrist?

To determine the size of your wrist, you can measure it in one of two ways, both of which will lead you to finding the exact size of your wrist.


Measure your wrist using a flexible tape measure, just below the wrist bone (where you would wear the bracelet)

You can measure your wrist with a strip of paper in exactly the same position as explained above, then mark the meeting point of the strip,
In a way that wraps the strap around your wrist, then measure the section obtained using a ruler.

How to correctly determine the length of the bracelet?
On each product page you can find the width of the pendant and the various options for choosing the length of the bracelet strap.

Please select the length of the bracelet strap closest to the measurement obtained in your measurement (up to one more degree) for the desired bracelet strap in your eyes.

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